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Integrative Yoga Center is a fitness center in Kernersville, NC. We offer various classes that guide students through yoga to help them reach their desired health goals. Offering styles of yoga such as HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) Yoga, students are able to burn higher calories in a quick 30-minute workout. We also offer Gentle Yoga Flow & Restore which is a unique style of practice that includes connecting the breath to movement through slow, fluid stretches. Regular yoga practice builds strength and flexibility that is not jarring to the skeletal structure and is accessible to all ages and experience levels.

Laramie Reese, the owner, and operator of Integrative Yoga Center has been in practice since 2003. She has various certifications and experiences that have helped her build a strong foundation in her practice. She has dedicated over 18 years of study in yoga posture, ancient yoga philosophy, kundalini yoga, and meditation techniques. 

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The perfect blend of cardio, body-weight strength training, and yoga in an IYC signature class, HIIT Yoga (Kundalini Fusion). Developed by Laramie over the course of 5 years, HIIT Yoga integrates elements of Kundalini yoga kriya, and follows the 10-20-30 HIIT method.  Whatever your fitness level, this class will meet you where you are at.  Laramie offers modifications and suggestions to beginner and advanced students throughout class.
~/~ An Immersive & Energetic Yoga Experience ~/~
Burn calories, balance your chakras, breathe, and have fun!

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Gentle Yoga Flow & Restore

We begin our practice by moving slowly and fluidly through asanas (poses) to stretch the muscles, lubricate the joints, and warm up the body. Connecting breath to movement (vinyasa) develops core strength, balance, flexibility, and increased mobility with regular practice.  After 30 minutes of vinyasa, we settle onto the floor with blankets, bolsters, and props for 30 minutes of deep stretch and restorative yoga practice.   All levels of practice are welcome, and no experience or flexibility is necessary.
Set to soothing ambient music and practiced in a dimly lit room, this class promotes relaxation of body and mind.

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Student Review

The instructors are fantastic, and the whole environment is great. There’s no judgement and you always feel welcomed. I love it!”


Student Review

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