Start in an all fours position, with your hands about one legs length in front of your feet.
Lift your sitting bones up while pressing them back towards the wall behind you.
gActivate the muscles in your hand by pressing the finers and palms into the mat with a gripping like action.
Create a spiral action in your arms by rolling your upper arms away from you and your forearms spiralling inwards.
Draw your heels down towards the floor (they do not have to touch), and on an exhalation, engage your lower belly drawing the navel back to the spine.
Keep your knees bent at first as you find length in your spine.
Slide your shoulder blades down along the spine, collar bones spread. The base of the neck relaxed.
Maintaining length in the spine, ‘walk your dog’ by alternately bending and straightening your legs. 
Stay for 5 breaths.
To come out of the pose, bring your knees back down to the floor and come into Child’s pose or transition into a lunge by stepping one foot towards your hands.